MultimediaCreative Agency
Multimedia Agency is the leading provider of comprehensive marketing solutions in Iraq.


We’re here to shake things up and breathe color into your brand. 

We cover every basis of marketing, doing the heavy lifting with our comprehensive solutions so that you can focus fully on your business. Since our debut in 2013, we’ve been fueling the ambitions of all types of companies—from budding start-ups taking their first leap to heavyweight corporations ruling the industry. 

Our bustling hub is in Erbil, and as a versatile agency of 75 employees and over 150 regional employees across our branches in all Iraqi provinces, we undertake a wide range of marketing projects and organize over 100 events each year. Starting out as M.M.S, then rebranding into Multimedia Agency, we have teamed up with over 25 unique brands and our portfolio is a testament to our adaptive prowess. We’re talking entertainment, sports, art, tech, culture, business, music, film—we’ve explored and excelled in all these realms. Navigating the hustle and bustle of today’s marketplace, we’re consistently redefining boundaries. 

Team up with us and let’s create something that no one will dare forget. 


Establishing a hub where visionary minds meet to bring their ideas to life through innovative approaches.


Provide a dynamic hub that empowers visionary individuals to transform their ideas into reality through strategic and innovative marketing solutions. We aim to cultivate an environment where creativity thrives, enabling our community of thinkers to drive positive change and bring impactful ideas to life.